Having been a part of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center park, (click here), our recent philanthropic activity was focused on the communities surrounding the park in Storey County, NV. Below are a few that benefited from our support:

The Fourth Ward School Museum

The Fourth Ward School Museum is a magnificent historic structure and major national museum dedicated to the history of education. The group also maintains a deep set of public archives, historic documents, and maps.

Contact information for this treasured museum is:

Historic Fourth Ward School Museum
Lara Mather, Executive Director
537 South C Street, P.O. Box 4
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-0975 ext. 1

St. Mary’s Art Center

St. Mary’s Art Center is a restored 1876 hospital converted into an art center in 1964. The Center offers Imaginations Art Classes & Programs for children as well as creative art spaces and facilities for professional artists, workshops, retreats and community events. The Center, with its 16 room overnight accommodations and turn of the century décor, also has an Artist in Residence Program.

St. Mary’s Art Center
A. Perry, Executive Director
55 North R Street, P.O. Box 396
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 440-0992

The Virginia City Senior Center

The Virginia City Senior Center supports local seniors with a cafeteria and meals on wheels. For many local seniors it is the most critical means of nutritious meals that support their health. If you are interested to help keep these wheels turning for our elderly, contact for the senior center is:

Virginia City Senior Center
Stacy Gilbert- Executive Director
100 Mill Street PO Box 786
Virginia City, NV 89440

Lockwood Senior Center

Lockwood Senior Center is a congregate meal site that Storey County contracts with Washoe County to provide meals. If you are interested to help with their meal program, contact for the community/senior center is:

Lockwood Community/Senior Center
800 Peri Ranch Road
Lockwood, NV 89434

Mark Twain Community Center

Mark Twain Community Center provides programs that meet the needs of the community, enhance the quality of life and pro-mote involvement amongst neighbors. Connecting families one “Storey” at a time!

Contact for the community center is:

Mark Twain Community Center
500 Sam Clemens Ave
Dayton, NV 89403

Our team was also instrumental in enhancing the wildlife around the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. Some of the activity included wild houses, Big Horn Sheep and cougars!

Enhancing Wildlife

TRI is a major supporter of the Wild Horse Advocacy Group and supports the philosophy of “Let’em Run!” A Wild Horse Conference is held in the park every year to support efforts to maintain the Wild Horse way of life. At any given time, there are 2,000 wild horses in the Virginia Range and over 1,000 on TRI property. Their freedom is respected and preserved.

Six years ago, TRI sponsored a major project to repopulate the Virginia Range with Big Horn Sheep. From an initial transfer of 39 sheep, the herds have now grown to well over 100 and run wild on the property, healthy and free.

There are at least nine female cougars in this part of the Virginia Range and at least one male. We support the University of Nevada, Reno’s and the NDEP’s efforts to preserve, track, and monitor this species.

USA Parkway/State Route 439, which is the primary arterial in TRI, is loaded with wildlife conservation features such as right of way fencing, cattle guard crossings off the right of way, and wild life underpasses for all animals.